New ” You are Welcome Here” stickers

CBA members Krista Overwater owner of The Common Place Store & Beth Lee owner of Elizabeth Y. Lee Notary worked together with Sure Copy to create their own local “You are welcome here” stickers.
?The Rainbow House – Wagalus Gukw Project
Dawn to Dawn: Action on Homelessness in partnership with the K’omoks First Nation aims to provide transitional housing for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in our community. We call this project Rainbow House or Wagalus Gukw.
“Two spirit people in our community and their non-indigenous peers in our Valley need our help and they need it now, we are delighted to join with Dawn to Dawn to address this real and growing issue. This issue belongs to both our communities and it is fitting that we jointly build Rainbow House/Wagalus Gukw. This home will offer a safe, secure and culturally appropriate place for these young people to flourish. It is time for action!”
-Hegus (Chief) Niclole Rempel
?The stickers are $5 each, every penny gets donated, and they are available through:
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