What is the CBA?

What/who is CBA?


Have you wondered who was behind the bright #lovecumberland logo on various local campaigns and on signage around town?  Perhaps you’ve discovered the Cumberland Business Directory to find local merchants or services.  These initiatives, and more, were developed by the Cumberland Business Association (CBA).


“I joined as a way to participate in the business community, to help create community initiatives and to support and foster improved communication between businesses and the Village of Cumberland, especially those that are home-based,” explains Kirsten Werner, CBA Board Chair.


The CBA has been involved in a number of projects in the short time since it’s been established that include developing the Social Distancing 101 and Spread Joy Not Germs campaigns to help clarify and protect in the wake of Covid-19.


Projects completed include a community tent, a sidewalk ramp in progress, and a business map – but there’s several more initiatives happening behind the scenes.  Everyone can help support future CBA projects by purchasing CBA’s environmentally conscious, locally designed, 100% cotton shopping bag with our #lovecumberland stamp. 


All Cumberland store-front and home-based businesses and commercial property owners are invited to join with a $50 annual membership fee.  With CBA membership comes rewards that include discounted banking fees, CBA Member’s Only Facebook page – a business support and network hub, a member directory, advocacy and place to share your ideas on building an improved and more robust Cumberland community. 

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