April 20th
Join us for a webinar exploring a vision of a thriving circular economy in Cumberland and across Vancouver Island.
The circular economy is an economic model that is being discussed as a feasible solution towards a more regenerative future. Conversations are going on at a municipal and federal level, business are integrating concepts into the way they operate, and communities are helping to pave the path forward.
During the webinar we will have Georgia Lavender from the Victoria-based non-profit, Synergy Foundation , speak to us about:
-What the difference between a linear and circular economy is
-Synergy Foundation’s work on the circular economy through their program, Project Zero
-Examples of local businesses leading the transition towards a circular economy
As an island community, we import most of our goods and export most of our waste. The circular economy presents both economic and environmental opportunities, tune into our webinar to find out more!
Participants affiliated with a non-profit organization or a business (not including home-based) will be entered into a draw to win one of two one-year memberships with the Vancouver Island Green Business Collective (VIGBC), each a $275 value! VIGBC helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint by implementing practical and affordable solutions. What a gift!

This webinar is being presented as part of Cumberland’s Earth Week Festival April 19th to 25th. You can find out about other events taking place by visiting www.cumberlandforest.com

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