The Cumberland Business Association has an exciting new spring initiative called the “YOU ARE WELCOME HERE” project. 

This year the CBA is asking their members and other local business owners operating in Cumberland to participate in making their business more inclusive to people of color, transgender people, and LGBTQ+ people by displaying the “YOU ARE WELCOME HERE” sticker in the entrance of their business.

When Cumberland  businesses choose to have this sticker visible at their business, they let the public know that everyone is welcome as their patron. Not only is this valuable for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC tourists who are visiting, but more importantly it tells people who live here where they can find places of business that align with their values of inclusion.

This project was originally started by OUT Central Oregon. OUT Central Oregon develops and supports events and provides information to encourage community involvement and build well-being for the LGBTQ+ community.  The Cumberland Business Association is proud to participate in this Inclusivity project and a special thank you to Out Central Oregon for leading this ‘Business Unity Campaign’.  (Visit  www.outcentraloregon.com for more insight).

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